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i died, and nobody noticed
i picked out a tombstone
and a small patch of earth
a rectangle of dirt
ready to reclaim me

i died, and nobody noticed
i picked out a funeral suit
and made up invitations
embossed on recycled card
the last poem i would write

i died, and nobody noticed
i rested beside the roots of a tree
feeling the soil calling to me
the autumn leaves crisp against bare feet
they buried me with dirty fingernails

i died, and nobody noticed
a small jukebox skipped its way through ‘hallelujah’
and i sung along even though they didn’t hear
and i thought of all the chords i knew
and wondered which one david played

i died, and nobody noticed
i was the ash on your tongue
the dust in your eyes
your face contorted
and you did not cry

i died, and nobody noticed
which is why, i think
it makes it so easy
to push through the oak of the lid
and step into the moonlight,
a small whisper of a ghost

it has rained since i was gone.


you can’t ask me
to apologise
for empathy –
i refuse to.
whilst i
the battle
the war rages on
and i know that
it will be
the most valuable
of weapons.

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there is a word:
it means:
bright, cheerful, and optimistic
but in my head it is sunshine yellow
and the brightest of smiles
it is folded notes
and bad skype connections
it is the certain knowledge
that –
one day –
i will see you laugh
whilst standing right beside you.

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look what you’ve done
with ink stained fingers
and smudged out drawings
with scribbled over faces
and hushed voices
you are younger than you seem
and hold inside yourself a universe
i wish i could see
darling one,
you are so in love with the world
that you let it scar scratch burn you
and you’ll stand like a willow tree
your head bent to the floor
begging forgiveness for not being enough
and i will reach out
for calloused fingers
and tell you, soft soul
that you have done enough
and that your pages are plenty
and i want to live in your words.