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Box Of Vintage Study Aid Bones 1950s (Taxidermy)

A rare example of a box of study aid bones from a English school, King James Grammar School, Biology Department. Unsure of what species of animal they’re from, some have markings on them. They have a lovely aged stained patina. Would look beautiful displayed or used in crafts. Any questions feel free to ask. Will be sent tracked for your piece of mind.

£35.00 + postage


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I hate that I have to write this post, but I need to make something very clear. I really, really struggle with correspondence, thank you, anxiety disorder, and therefore my email address is only on the contact page for enquiries in regards to publishing and collaboration, I am not looking for friends. I appreciate the sentiment, but I cannot mentally handle the stress of it. So please, unless you have a professional enquiry, don’t email me. Thank you.