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get over it

I haven’t felt safe in over twenty years

That feels strange to admit

There’s a casual acceptance to a lifetime of fears

“Oh, come on, get over it.”


Maybe I don’t want this but I don’t know the alternative

Like I’ve been blinkered and I can only see straight ahead

It tells me this is the only way to live

“Stay home, stay safe, stay in bed.”

Traitorous to the last I tell myself it’s better

To live a life that’s infinitely lesser

Because I can’t breathe and I want to go home

But what is a home if you still feel alone?

One Comment to “get over it”

  1. That feeling of being alone
    is something we all can relate
    the issue begins
    when we think is our fate
    that we’re bound to this feeling
    and cannot take off the plate
    Reality is deeper
    hear me out of what I’ll say
    feeling lonely all of the day
    won’t let us realize
    that we are really great!


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