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In The Wide, Open Air


In The Wide, Open Air

Charlotte Amelia Poe

Sent to live in the small seaside town of Lowestoft by his mother, Theo sits, grumpy and alone in a small cafe, glaring at his coffee. A world away from his life in New York, at least his demons can’t reach him there.

Enter stage left: Felix. A boy with no sense of self-preservation and a kindness that can’t be beaten down, he spies the grumpy boy sitting by himself and wonders, what’s he so angry about?

A tale of the noise and bustle, the still and silence, running so fast you might not be able to stop, and finally, finally, coming up for air.

Purchase: Amazon (US) | Amazon (UK) | (also available in other countries, the US or UK pages should redirect you to your own site)

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