scorched earth

“if only you wouldn’t make a fuss,
needs are, and needs must,
you are doing this on purpose
and with purpose,
and honestly you really do complain too much”
look, i am sorry i didn’t get to decide
between mud on my knees or princess dresses
i’m sorry you’ve taken it to heart
i would have fucking loved not to have to tear myself apart
but believe me, darling, it was the easiest decision i ever made
i sunk my fingers into my stomach and i wrenched it out of me
weigh it out on the scales of boy girl neither
it’s going to stain the carpet, love
there really isn’t a celebration card for this
but happy scorched earth day to me
may there be many more
sixteen years was far too long to live under a shadow
(i am breathing i am breathing i am standing this is careless i am careless i care less i burn i burn i burn it to the ground)

(today is a two year anniversary. if you know, you know.)

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