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My previous post discussed the eBook and Amazon print editions, but here is the official hand signed and numbered edition!

Turn Soft And Lovely: A Poetry Collection zine

48 pages, professionally printed, really lovely thick pages, very tactile and just so nice to hold. Limited first run of eleven copies, which will be numbered. Can be signed on request. More than willing to trade for art/zines/shiny shiny trinkets. I am so, so proud of this, it’s been a year in the making but I think it’s finally paid off.

Books, Poetry, Publishing, Uncategorized, Writing


Very pleased and proud to announce that my collection of poetry is now available on Amazon through Kindle and also, thanks to their new publishing scheme, as a real, physical book! I’ve kept costs as low as I can make them, this isn’t a for-profit enterprise. I will also be making a few copies privately through with a different back cover design which can be signed and will be available on my etsy if you are interested in that.

I’m very proud of the poetry in this book, and though it’s only a small volume I think it’s very… lovely. I hope you do too.

Purchase links

eBook: US | UK | (other countries can be accessed through these links)

Actual physical book: US | UK | (other countries can also purchase)

Etsy link: to be announced after I’ve received the proofs

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in the dark, the fields stretch on forever
and the sky is too close too faraway all at once
the moon gives me enough pale light to see your face
and i watch you as you pick out individual stars
your eyes wide and your lips slightly parted
your body shaking slightly in the cold of the night
i stand beside you and i make a harsh promise
to make every moment with you as beautiful as this one
to never see you cry –
if we stand here ’til sunrise,
i know i’ll still love you just as much
when the soft pinks and violent reds change your features
still beautiful, effortless, defying description
you are lovely, lovely, lovely
and i will whisper it to you as you sleep
for as long as it takes for you to believe it