this is the plan [poem]

i’m going to run away
with a brand new name
and then,
i’m going to write a thousand books
like postcards trying to explain where i went to
because that’s what i know how to do
(and wherever you go, there you are)
i’m going to stick a pin in a map and disappear
and in a small bookshop there, there’ll be a paperback with a new name and a new story to tell
and god, it’ll be magnificent for a while
and i’ll keep running because in the end i realised that’s what i needed to do to keep myself
i’m a prey animal, baby and that sticks to a person’s bones
(wish you were here)
i’m going to curate an entire life in an apartment a thousand miles from here
and i’m going to watch a different sunset
and i’m going to write about it
i’m going to fall off the edge of the world
and drift off into space
hold my breath ’til i freeze over
fall back to earth as dust
shooting stars, if you blink you’ll miss me
i want to be careless, darling
embedded in every tome
every keystroke
goddamn, i want to be careless.

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